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Introducing Rob Jones

We at LMR INC are pleased to introduce Rob Jones as our sales manager to assist you with your purchases of the HL30 LONGARM. He comes to us with an extensive background in sales and manufacturing as well as been raised on a farm. We look forward to a long working relationship with your company and trust that Robert can bridge any issues that arise. We are available through our website at any time.

The new HL30

We have not been remiss by not returning your calls because we have been concentrating on developing our new HL30 LONGARM. The HL30 LONGARM was debuted at the 2011 Ontario Pork Congress. The introduction coincided with our fifth anniversary attending the show. We received positive feedback about the HL30 as well as accompanying trade show sales. We sincerely think that we have arrived at a crossroads whereby all hog managers can afford the benefits of handling hogs easier, faster and safer. The new design features a thirty foot curtain with a maintenance free hardware component. The hardware attachment is made as one unit hence the curtain is the only replaceable part. The curtain is sewn on an angle on the pull rod end to accommodate the bias stretch of fabric.

National Hog Farmer

Apparatus Eases Pig Moving Chore
Aug 15, 2007 12:00 PM, By Suzanne Deutsch
Canadian producer's invention makes moving pigs a one-person job.
Mary Haugh was desperate. Her husband had just suffered two heart attacks in three days, and she had to find a way to move the three groups of 3,000 pigs they finished in their barns each year.

Farm Centre

Retractable fabric gate is a real time saver
By Suzanne Deutsch
Mary Haugh, has made moving hogs, to clean a pen or load a truck, a one person job. The Perth County hog farmerís new fabric gate lets producers move hogs in just a ...