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The Long Arm
Moving Hogs (Part 1)
Moving Hogs (Part 2)
Isolating One Hog
Innovation Competition 2006
Regional Winner of the Premier's Award of Excellence for Agri-Food Innovation
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LONGARM is a portable gate that gives a hog handler the option to...
  • Clear a whole pen of hogs
  • Select a few hogs to move out of a pen
  • Select a single hog to move out of a pen

  • How It Works

    Hook the LONGARM gate to your existing stabling by dropping the rod through the loops on the handle and your stabling loopholes on the gate post closest to the expected exit of the pigs.

    Encircle the pigs that you want to move with the curtain part of the LONGARM

    Tap the pull rod on the floor to create a bit of movement in the fabric as you move around behind the pigs. The optical illusion of the wall moving behind the pigs stimulates them to move away from the curtain. The constant tension on the curtain maintains a clear directional option for the pigs to move in. It is important that the curtain sweeps across the pen as close to the floor as comfortable for you, otherwise the pigs may escape under the fabric. This is not cause for serious concern, as you only need to repeat the process until all pigs have moved forward. This operator error does not occur often and is not a functional problem of the product.

    LONGARM is an accessory tool for the auto sorters as it aids in bringing those last few timid pigs to the scale without harassment. This leaves both the operator and the pigs calmer to finish the weighing. Hook the LONGARM as close to the scale as possible. Sweep the pen with the LONGARM gate encouraging the pigs to come to the scale. Stay back a little from the scale to allow the pigs to move about freely then slowly edge closer to the scale until all pigs have been processed through the scale.

    To remove a sick pig is very simple using the same principles. Hook the LONGARM to the gate loopholes that you expect the pig to exit the pen from. Use a short bungee cord to hook the gate temporarily to the LONGARM handle. This prevents other pigs from escaping through the unhooked gate. Then pull the curtain through the pen directly to your sick pig and when you get beside your sick pig, encircle it so that there are no other pigs in the loop of fabric. The steady tension will motivate your pig in the direction of the gate while you keep eliminating other pigs from the inner circle. In a short time you and your ill pig will be at the gate. Remove the bungee cord to allow your sick pig to exit the pen. Remove the drop pin and move the LONGARM out of the gate way and put the drop rod back to secure the gate. Take the LONGARM with you, as it only weighs approximately 30 lbs.


  • stressless management of hogs therefore less stress for barn managers
  • saves up to 70% of the time required to move pigs from one area to another
  • requires only one person to operate (eliminates the need for a second person to move pigs around in the barn)
  • lightweight, portable, approximately 30 pounds - making LONGARM a perfect tool for handlers
  • able to retract allowing movement of a whole group of hogs or removal of a single hog
  • steady tension on the fabric will motivate the hog to move in the direction of the gate where the LONGARM is attached
  • meets CQA (Canadian Quality Assurance) standards as the gate can be washed with a pressure washer
  • leave the shock prod and chase sticks in the tool room since the LONGARM requires no other accessories
  • LONGARM adapts to existing stabling
  • LONGARM can sweep areas clean of hogs up to a 50 linear foot swath